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Thimerosal-Derived Ethylmercury Is a Mitochondrial Toxin

Journal of Toxicology
Volume 2012 (2012), Article ID 373678, 12 pages
Research Article

Thimerosal-Derived Ethylmercury Is a Mitochondrial Toxin in Human Astrocytes: Possible Role of Fenton Chemistry in the Oxidation and Breakage of mtDNA

Department of Neurosurgery, The Methodist Hospital, 6565 Fannin Street, Houston, TX 77030, USA
Received 26 March 2012; Revised 7 May 2012; Accepted 21 May 2012
Academic Editor: Y. James Kang
Copyright © 2012 Martyn A. Sharpe et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. 


Thimerosal generates ethylmercury in aqueous solution and is widely used as preservative. We have investigated the toxicology of Thimerosal in normal human astrocytes, paying particular attention to mitochondrial function and the generation of specific oxidants. We find that ethylmercury not only inhibits mitochondrial respiration leading to a drop in the steady state membrane potential, but also concurrent with these phenomena increases the formation of superoxide, hydrogen peroxide, and Fenton/Haber-Weiss generated hydroxyl radical. These oxidants increase the levels of cellular aldehyde/ketones. Additionally, we find a five-fold increase in the levels of oxidant damaged mitochondrial DNA bases and increases in the levels of mtDNA nicks and blunt-ended breaks. Highly damaged mitochondria are characterized by having very low membrane potentials, increased superoxide/hydrogen peroxide production, and extensively damaged mtDNA and proteins. These mitochondria appear to have undergone a permeability transition, an observation supported by the five-fold increase in Caspase-3 activity observed after Thimerosal treatment.

1. Introduction

1.1. Thimerosal and Ethylmercury
Thimerosal is a preservative that is widely used in medical products, including as a preservative in vaccines, immunoglobulin preparations, skin test antigens, antivenins, ophthalmic and nasal products, and tattoo inks, and is composed of 49.6 percent ethylmercury by weight [1]. The widespread use of Thimerosal exposes many to its potential toxic effects, especially �� �� �� �� �� �� �� and in neonates. We report the results of a series of experiments using cultured normal human astrocytes (NHA) exposed to Thimerosal to study the compound’s effect on astrocyte mitochondria.

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Original MMR Package Insert Has Autism As Adverse Effect

The drug company that makes the M.M.R. vaccine (Merck) publishes an extensive list of warnings, contraindications, and adverse reactions associated with this triple shot. It may be found in the vaccine package insert given to doctors administering MMR, and inside the Physician's Desk Reference (PDR)(8,9). However, this information is never given to patients or parents. The insert is quoted immediately below.
An Excerpt from the Original M.M.R. Drug Insert
The following afflictions affecting nearly every body system -- blood, lymphatic, digestive, cardiovascular, immune, nervous, respiratory, and sensory -- have been reported following receipt of the MMR shot: encephalitis, encephalopathy, neurological disorders, seizure disorders, convulsions, learning disabilities, subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) demyelination of the nerve sheaths, Guillain-Barré syndrome (paralysis), muscle incoordination, deafness, panniculitis, vasculitis, optic neuritis (including partial or total blindness) retinitis, otitis media, bronchial spasms, fever, headache, joint pain, arthritis (acute and chronic) transverse myelitis, thrombocytopenia (blood clotting disorders and spontaneous bleeding) anaphylaxis (severe allergic reactions) lymphadenopathy, leukocytosis, pneumonitis, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, erythema multiforme, urticaria, pancreatitis, parotitis, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, meningitis, diabetes, autism, immune system disorders, and death (Figure 49).(10,11).
The M.M.R. vaccine manufacturer has begun censoring autism from the package insert for its second version of the M.M.R. vaccine ("M.M.R. 2"). Most of the above indications continue to be cited, except for the admission of an autism link, which has been selectively removed. The vaccine manufacturer previously admitted to causing autism, but only in private communications with doctors. Their statements to the public and the media were the complete opposite.
Parents in the British medical system are often ignored when they report problems with vaccines, because the doctors act as the gatekeepers. Parents cannot directly report bad reactions to regulators. They must instead go through their doctor, who may refuse, in order to protect himself. Keep in mind that doctors in Britain get monetary bonuses for administering vaccines, which could be considered a conflict of interest.

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If you have doubts about vaccinations....

The Marvelous Health of Unvaccinated Children

Written by

Once upon a time, in April 2009 to be exact, I was invited to give a speech at a conference on vaccination.  I was to talk after two of the best speakers France has to offer on the subject, journalist Sylvie Simon and biologist Michel Georget.  At hearing them speak in the past, it was absolutely clear to me that the best option is to stay as far away from vaccines as possible.  I just did not know what to do instead, to best assure staying alive and well.  As a paediatrician and homeopath qualified to speak on the subject, I decided to setup a conference called "The Marvelous Health of Unvaccinated Children", along with my friends, Sylvie and Michel.  This work would later evolve into a book that analyses various life choices often made by families that do not vaccinate, including home birth, breastfeeding, simple therapies, good food, a tranquil living environment and trust in the capacity of the body to heal itself.

In my life as a paediatrician [pediatrician], I had spent lots of time in dialog with the parents who often needed to voice their fears about both disease and vaccines.  We worked out together the best route for their children.  Some chose not to vaccinate at all.  Others held onto fear of disease, especially tetanus.  In those cases, we postponed vaccination as much as possible and used alternative medicine to prevent damage.

I worked in Switzerland where there is no real legal obligation to vaccinate, only great social pressure.  In France, just a few kilometers from my office, there were four compulsory vaccinations at the time (BCG was fortunately removed in 2007, and three remain: Di Te Pol).
Some of the basis of my ability to speak on the marvelous health of unvaccinated children comes from my personal experience as a medical doctor, having collected years of feedback.

"My child began coughing immediately after the vaccination."
"He has had constant ear aches since he was vaccinated."
"My 16 years old daughter is completely unvaccinated.  She is almost never sick.  If she does get sick, it's two days at the most."
"The neighbor's kids followed normal vaccination guidelines.  They are constantly sick and on antibiotics."

That was not enough upon which to write a book; however.  As it would turn out, I found these observations were paralleled over and over again all over the world.  Follow me around the planet.

In England, Michel Odent, M.D. showed in two studies that children having received no Pertussis vaccine had 5-6 times less asthma than those who were vaccinated for it.  The first study was on 450 babies from La Leche League; the second on 125 children in a Steiner school. (1)
Throughout Europe, a group of mostly paediatricians studied 14,893 children in Steiner schools in Austria, Germany, Holland, Sweden and Switzerland and found that children living in "anthroposophist culture" (where vaccination is largely shunned) were in better health than the controls. (2)  In Germany, one of the European Steiner schools study researchers wrote, "In the eastern part of Berlin before the fall of the wall, we saw less allergies than in the west.  This population was poorer, closer to nature and less vaccinated."

Too much hygiene is not always good. As UK researcher and originator of the hygiene hypothesis David Strachan might say, "give us this day our daily germs".  In Spain, Xavier Uriarte, M.D. and J. Manuel Marn, M.D. published a study in 1999 on 314 children that they followed between 1975 to 2000. (3) This group of children is characterized by a majority of homebirth or natural births, prolonged breastfeeding, no vaccinations, holistic health education and no allopathic medicine.  There were no serious diseases, few hospitalizations (mostly for traumas), and 3.3% asthma compared to the 20% in the general population.  Of course, a lot of money was spared!

The rate of autism in the U.S. is now an unthinkable 1 in 100.  Those who are unvaccinated boast numbers that run in shocking contrast to the nation's statistics.  As this article is directed to the American people, I will not go on at length here.  Most of you know the work of your very own journalist Dan Olmsted showing the incredible absence of autism in the unvaccinated Amish communities of Pennsylvania and Ohio.  Further impressive is Chicago-based Homefirst Medical Clinic run by a group of doctors including medical director Mayer Eisenstein, M.D., J.D., M.P.H..  They have no known autism and super-scarce allergies in their children, many of whom were home deliveries, and most of whom have had no vaccinations.  In 1985, I translated to French, U.S. paediatrician Robert Mendelsohn's "How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor".  Now I find concrete results in the marvelous health of children whose doctors are Dr. Mendelsohn's students!  I like these synchronicities in my life.

In 1942, Leslie Owen Bailey, founder of the Natural Health Society of Australia, accepted guardianship of 85 children whose mothers were unable to care for them.  Among these 85 children, no vaccinations were ever given, no drugs were ever taken or used, and no operations were ever performed.  The only malady that occurred was when 34 of the children developed chicken pox.  They were immediately put to bed and given only pure water or fresh fruit juice.  They all recovered quickly without after-effects.  Investigations revealed that these children whilst at school had been swapping their healthy lunches for unhealthy conventional foods, so this outbreak was not altogether surprising.

Many of these children inherited poor health due to a history of illness and malnourishment in their mothers.  Despite this, and the fact that they were never breastfed nor could enjoy the normal bonding of mother to child, they were able to grow into sturdy, self-reliant children.

New Zealand
Two studies done in New Zealand in 1992 and 1995 show that the unvaccinated children clearly have less allergies, less otitis (ear aches), less tonsillitis, less runny noses, less epilepsies and less A.D.H.D. (4)

An interesting period in Japan was 1975-1980, when a decision was made to begin the first vaccinations at two years of age instead of at two months.  The reason was that more and more information was discovered linking vaccines and cot-death (S.I.D.S.).  A study was published in Pediatrics showing that from 1970 to January 1975, there were 57 cases of serious vaccine reactions, including 37 deaths.  From February 1975 to August 1981 there were eight cases of serious vaccine reactions, including three deaths.  Unfortunately for kids and their parents, the Japanese vaccination plan is now "normalized" again.  The study shows well that the immune system is stronger at two years than at two months.  How well would these kids have done had they not been vaccinated at all?
We find the same observation in a Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology study.  Of 11,531 children studied at age seven, here are the results: vaccinated at two months, 13.8% are asthmatic, vaccinated between two and four months, 10.3%, vaccinated after four months, 5.9%. Again, how well would these kids have done had they not been vaccinated at all?

The Lesson Learned on Vaccination
As a concerned, compassionate and considerate paediatrician, I can only arrive at one conclusion.  Unvaccinated children have by far the best chance of enjoying marvelous health.  Any vaccination at all works to cripple the chances of this end.

This article first appeared at and was reprinted with permission. The original article appears to have been removed.

Indian Study: 'Vaccination Affects Kids Adversely'

'Vaccination Affects Kids Adversely' 


Published: 12th July 2015 03:29 AM
Last Updated: 12th July 2015 03:29 AM

KOCHI:Children who are not given any vaccination soon after birth are found to be healthier than children who were given vaccination, results of a study revealed.

“This is the finding of a study we conducted. We welcome all the agencies to investigate the veracity of our finding,” said Janarogya Prasthanam chairman Dr Jacob Vadakkanchery at a press conference here on Wednesday. According to him, some of the vaccines used in India are banned in the United States, and the main cause of a large number of new diseases among children is the toxic components in vaccines.

“Instead of fighting diseases, these vaccines create bigger health problems. The IMA has been making vaccination compulsory with a motive to create more patients, for the sake of business,” he said.  Dr Jacob said it was an absurd move to make vaccination compulsory without conducting an in-depth study among children given vaccination and those who are not.

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From Grandmother's Home Remedies to Sophisticated Neonatal ICU's

(Written in response to infant deaths being reported from the hospitals of Odisha in India)

The shift of blame in Sishu Bhawan deaths, which continue at 5+ a day despite several measures being taken, has turned to lack of ventilators and other sophisticated ICU equipment. Tenders will soon be floated to acquire the most modern technology available. These equipments can prolong the agonies of little children as they suffer the throes of death, they cannot render the intensely sick children healthy.

If we wish to stem the death rates we must move out of the hospitals and have a breath of fresh air rich with oxygen and common sense. “We cannot have healthy children from unhealthy mothers”, a senior Kolkata based paediatrician shared with me yesterday over phone. This is the crux of the problem. We need to understand and concentrate upon health and not get caught up in the maize of disease names that we create when we forget health and reduce the body-mind complex to an ignorant machine that constantly needs toxic chemicals to grease it and keep it running. We need long term measures and a sincere audit of the interventions directed to attack the entire flow from health of parents to health of children.  

The human body has an inherent capacity to heal. When it cannot heal it sends signals through symptoms that the learned physician can decipher and act upon. During the time of pregnancy the mother’s body too expresses many symptoms. The homeopaths act upon these symptoms to detect the hereditary dyscracia (imbalance) and correct the same with appropriate remedies that result in a healthy mother and child.

In a healthy society that follows morals and ethics and where people sacrifice individual greed and base desires keeping in view the health of future generations, the discomfort of the mother is the least. Rather pregnancy turns into a time of bliss with the mother and child acting at several levels – both physical and emotional - to repair damage and fulfil each other’s bodily needs. Scientific studies are revealing how the breast milk acts with intelligence and the child sends stem cells to the mother in a system of mutual benefit.

Pregnancy was traditionally not a time of rest. The mother used to do her daily duty under the supervision of the traditional attendant who took care of her nutrition needs and also strengthened the pelvic system by massaging with essential oils for safe natural delivery. These attendants were also knowledgeable about the mode of delivery (standing, sitting, supine) depending upon the position of the foetus that they could discern by feeling the abdomen. They could also manipulate the foetus with hand pressure for a favourable position. While researching on rice varieties in Odisha I stumbled upon medicinal qualities of certain varieties that aided mothers during pregnancy, labour and breastfeeding. Traditional knowledge was not unscientific, bereft of monetary gain it gained from nature that is inherently unselfish and life promoting.

Pregnancy and child birth are not diseases. They are healthy bodily functions. In my quest to find an ideal system of delivery I was surprised by statements of doctors in the rural hinterlands of Medak district in Andhra Pradesh. “The healthiest women are the local Muslim mothers,” they informed me. “We have seen such mothers deliver up to 12 children and be in the pink of health.” Rather the process of regularly taking hormonal pills, having surgical birth control implants, and undergoing repeated abortions is intensely harmful for the mother. There are today scientific studies to buttress this claim.

Natural childbirth is the right of every child. The child benefits immensely from the birth process gaining from the squeezing of the entire system as it passes through the birth canal, from cord blood, from vaginal microbes, and from the fat deposit on its body surface after birth. A child deprived of this process is at a distinct disadvantage in the race for life. The modern process of caesarean delivery is an assault upon health of human populations.

The first milk after birth – the colostrum – is vital for the baby’s peculiar needs as it is suddenly thrust into a foreign atmosphere. Today breast milk is polluted with hundreds of life threatening chemicals. The process of vaccination has polluted it further with the most dangerous toxins known to man. The Oral Polio Vaccine unleashed hundreds of simian (monkey) viruses into the human body and the one studied is a ferocious carcinogen (cancer causing substance). This virus has lodged itself in breast milk of mothers and spermatic fluid in men and continues to create havoc. The process of vaccination has also eliminated natural antibodies – generated from natural exposure to disease – and these antibodies that were passed from mother to child are no longer available today! The placental fluid is similarly poisoned. The public is ignorant about practices that masquerade as life saving but are in fact the cause of intense misery.

Infancy is a stage where the infant is provided another opportunity to get rid of hereditary influences. Through various inflammatory and eruptive processes that are given names like measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, whooping cough and so on, these are processes that aid in eliminating inherited toxins and tendencies. During this process the child is benefited from regular bodily responses like fever and the mother’s milk. The ill educated attempts to suppress these processes lead to complications that can result in deaths or, if the child survives, lead it to a lifetime of chronic illness and agonizing pain. The dangerous toxins in vaccines (mercury, aluminum, -these are declared -  lead, cadmium, tin - that are not declared - and other equally toxic ingredients) , the viruses, bacteria and toxoids, besides the contaminants drastically reduce the baby’s chances of survival and leading a healthy life. The process of vaccination also results in stress, trauma, epigenetic and genetic damage that are today showing up as epidemics and threatening human existence.

There were certain traditional practices that protected the baby from harm and ensured it proper nourishment. The mother was sent to her parent’s house where she received adequate care. Leading an abstinent life ensured that the placental fluid remained alkaline and did not pose a threat to her child. Passions render bodily matter acidic. If this abstinence can be extended to the breastfeeding years the breast milk too will remain alkaline and save the child from gastric disturbances including painful diarrhoea and dysentery. Today there are very few who are ready to sacrifice their pleasures for the sake of a healthy progeny.

Today we have learnt to disregard traditional wisdom. However this wisdom was vast and encompassed generations instead of encouraging individual selfishness. Human activity naturally veered towards a healthy life, a healthy planet, and a healthy future for coming generations. Health was the norm and not disease. Our intelligence today – gained from manipulated science – has emerged as a potent threat to us, our environment and the planet. Yet we are proud of it and are engaged in spreading it in our attempt to heighten the selfish nature of man and to divorce him from a sustaining environment. It is one thing to reform and remove cobwebs; it is another thing to severe one’s own legs.

We badly need to clean up our environment, detoxify our bodies, return to healthy modes of living, restore traditional diets and customs, and reinvigorate traditional healing wisdom if we expect our children to survive and stay healthy. Any compromise will not do.

We will learn from experience if we can survive the coming crisis. The crisis itself is unnecessary and would not have happened if we would not have lost our moorings attracted to trinkets that posed as gold. We have to examine the current scenario to separate the grain from the chaff and know our friends and our enemies. We have seen a time when Grandmother’s home remedies were enough to keep our children healthy. We have to know why we have progressed to a stage where we need sophisticated ICU equipment to keep our children alive and perpetually sick.

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Letter to Govt of India: Treating Vaccination Injury Using Holistic Medicine

The Hon'ble Minister,
Ministry of AYUSH
New Delhi,
Respected Sir,
Please accept my pranam. I wish to profusely thank your esteemed Ministry for setting up an Ayurvedic Hospital for children and adolescents at Thalakkulathur, in the Kozhikode district of Kerala. This step is very necessary for treating children with autism, learning disabilities, hyperactivity, epilepsy and depression - conditions that are gaining epidemic proportions with each passing day.

As per the Secretary of the Autism Society of India, there are 80,00,000 (8 million) autistic children in India - a statement delivered at the International Conference on Autism at Dhaka, Bangladesh in the year 2011.
These conditions are controversial and are linked to vaccines (containing mercury, aluminum, other adjuvants and disinfectants, animal & human DNA etc) by numerous studies and research papers that are available in the public domain. This is a list that now contains link to 101 research papers;
The link of mercury (thiomersal) in vaccines to numerous conditions in children is supported by research papers in this book;
Thiomersal: Let the Science Speak
There is also an extensively researched medical textbook on the subject;
Autism: The Diagnosis, Treatment and Etilogy of the Undeniable Epidemic
Another medical textbook too deals with the adverse effects of adjuvants used in vaccines;
Here is a 300+ page research compilation linking vaccines to 200 serious conditions in pdf format;

I am of the humble opinion that if pregnancy can be treated with care, nutrition and homeopathy; we resort to home based natural childbirth with trained dais; do not indulge in early cord clamping, do not wash the child immediately after birth, ensure the first milk colostrum, guarantee prolonged breastfeeding, and ensure a drug and vaccine free childhood allowing the natural illnesses to prevail - which in fact lead to health and properly strengthen the immune system - we can check the huge infant mortality rates and also the epidemic of chronic illnesses prevalent in society today.

I present the following as a sample;
Research on beneficial nature of childhood illnesses;

In early 1997, a team of British physicians writing in Science noted : "Childhood infections may, therefore,
paradoxically protect against asthma.“ These infections have a purpose in building general immunity.

Danish physician Tove Ronne in The Lancet in 1985:
"Measles virus infection in childhood can prevent disease in adult life." Among these, Dr. Ronne listed skin disease, immune dysfunctions, degenerative diseases of bone and cartilage, and certain cancers.

Measles can cure eczema. Induced measles can cause cancer  to reduce (remission). Having measles, mumps, rubella in early childhood can prevent against allergies, eczema, asthma , heart attack, stroke (Atheroscleorosis  Journal, June 2015)cardiovascular  disease mortality and cancer. Polio virus used for cancer remission

Association of measles and mumps with cardiovascular disease: The Japan Collaborative Cohort (JACC) study.

    Kubota Y, et al. Atherosclerosis. 2015.

Childhood illnesses protect against various cancers;

Albonico et al found that adults are significantly protected against non-breast cancers -- genital, prostate, gastrointestinal, skin, lung, ear-nose-throat, and others -- if they contracted measles (odds ratio, OR = 0.45), rubella (OR = 0.38) or chickenpox (OR = 0.62) earlier in life. [Med Hypotheses 1998; 51(4): 315-20].

Montella et al found that contracting measles in childhood reduces the risk of developing lymphatic cancer in adulthood [Leuk Res 2006; 30(8): 917-22].

Alexander et al found that infection with measles during childhood is significantly protective -- it cuts the risk in half -- against developing Hodgkin's disease (OR = 0.53) [Br J Cancer 2000; 82(5): 1117-21].

Glaser et al also found that lymph cancer is significantly more likely in adults who were not infected with measles, mumps or rubella in childhood [In J Cancer 2005; 115(4): 599-605].

Gilham et al found that infants with the least exposure to common infections have the greatest risk of developing childhood leukemia [BMJ 2005; 330: 1294].

Urayama et al also found that early exposure to infections is protective against leukemia [Int J Cancer 2011; 128(7): 1632-43].

In the world of science, it is quite well known that having infections in early life protects against various cancers in later life

Childhood illnesses can easily be treated and managed with homeopathy without impacting natural immunity.

My objective is not to stir a controversy but to apprise you and your esteemed officials about facts so that the afflicted children can receive a proper diagnosis and be treated effectively.
I would also request you to set up a similar Homeopathic Hospital so that homeopathy too can be harnessed to treat these children. Homeopaths worldwide have successfully treated these children and documented the cases. I am sure Unani and Siddha too will be able to treat these children once the cause is known and countered.
I myself am a vaccine victim and if such provisions would have been in place in my time I could have been saved a lifetime of agonizing pain.

Thanking you once again for your wonderful initiatives, I remain.
Respectfully yours,
Jagannath Chatterjee

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Medicine or Rockefeller Business Venture?

Western Medicine is Rockefeller Medicine – All The Way 
How many must feel, stuck on the Western medicine hamster wheel of pill after pill after pill …

Western medicine is Rockefeller medicine – all the way.

Western medicine has some good points, for sure, and is great in an emergency, but it’s high time people realized that today’s mainstream medicine (western medicine or allopathy), with its focus on drugs, radiation and surgery, is at its foundation a Rockefeller creation. The Rockefellers, of course, are one of the most rich and powerful families of the elite black nobility. Behind their spurious facade of philanthropy, they are power-hungry tyrants intent on owning the entire world, and depopulating it through eugenics-based programs like forced sterilization, water fluoridation, abortions and vaccinations. They have either majorly or fully created (and still dominate) the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, Planned Parenthood and many, many other organizations that either rule the world or influence culture to a large extent.
Despite the dominance of western medicine nowadays, even just 100 years ago the situation was very different, so it’s worthwhile casting our minds back to how the we got to this place. How did western medicine and the giant conglomerate of multinational pharmaceutical corporations (“Big Pharma”) become the mainstream medical system in the US and other first world nations? And what alternatives are there?

Petroleum Drugs

Let’s go back in time to the late 1800s. John D. Rockefeller, a man quoted to have said “competition is sin”, is the head of the Rockefeller family and has just become very rich through extracting oil from the ground. Now he is looking for ways to capitalize even further with his oil, and he comes across the idea of using coal tar – a petroleum derivative – to make substances that affect the human mind, body and nervous system. These are called drugs, and they are excellent at masking or stopping symptoms, but overall do not cure the underlying cause of a disease.
Like other elite leaders of the New World Order who fit the description of an “evil genius” – those high on intellect and low on compassion – Rockefeller used his oil money to buy out part of the massive German pharmaceutical cartel, I.G. Farben. This was the very same cartel that would later assist Hitler to implement his eugenics-based vision of a New World Order founded on racial supremacy, by manufacturing chemicals and poisons for war. With the control of drug manufacturing under his wings, Rockefeller then embarked on a decidedly wicked plan – wicked from the point of view of a free and healthy humanity, but brilliant from a business perspective.

Destroying any Competition to Western Medicine

Rockefeller saw that there were many types of doctors and healing modalities in existence at that time, from chiropractry to naturopathy to homeopathy to holistic medicine to herbal medicine and more. He wanted to eliminate the competitors of western medicine (the only modality which would propose drugs and radiation as treatment, thus enriching Rockefeller who owned the means to produce these treatments), so he hired a man called Abraham Flexner to submit a report to Congress in 1910. This report “concluded” that there were too many doctors and medical schools in America, and that all the natural healing modalities which had existed for hundreds or thousands of years were unscientific quackery. It called for the standardization of medical education, whereby only the allopathic-based AMA be allowed to grant medical school licenses in the US.
Sadly, Congress acted upon the conclusions and made them law. Incredibly, allopathy became the standard mainstream modality, even though its 3 main methods of treatment in the 1800s had been blood-letting, surgery and the injection of toxic heavy metals like lead and mercury to supposedly displace disease! It should be noted that hemp was also demonized and criminalized not long after this, not because there is anything dangerous about it, but because it was a huge threat (as both medicine and fuel) to the Rockefeller drug and oil industries, respectively.

The Rockefeller and Carnegie Tax-Exempt Foundations for “Efficient” Philanthropy

The story doesn’t stop there. Rockefeller and another elite leader Carnegie used their tax-exempt Foundations, from 1913 on, to offer huge grants to the best medical schools all over America – on the proviso that only an allopathic-based curriculum be taught, and that some of their agents be allowed to sit on the Board of Directors. They called this “efficient” philanthropy, which, when through the Orwellian translation unit, means they wanted a return on their investment. They systematically dismantled the curricula of these schools by removing any mention of the natural healing power of herbs and plants, or of the importance of diet to health. The result is a system which to this day churns out doctors who are, almost always, utterly clueless about nutrition and disregard the idea that what you eat can actually heal or hurt you.
A couple of decades after this, another law was passed that further entrenched western medicine in America. The Hill-Burton Act of 1946 gave hospitals grants for construction and modernization, on the condition they provide free healthcare to anyone in need, without discrimination of any kind. Although there were good sides to this, the downside was that once people had become dependent on this system for their healthcare needs – especially those on pharmaceutical pills which need to be taken day after day without end – the system switched into a paid system, and the Rockefellers found themselves with new lifelong customers.
The bitter truth is that, in general, when you go to your Western doctor, you are seen as a potential market for the medical factory’s products. For Big Pharma, there is no financial incentive to heal you, because a patient cured is a customer lost. Even if you are not sick, Big Pharma is still targeting you, trying to convince you that you are ill (e.g. with psychiatry’s ridiculous list offictitious diseases, many of them fake) so that you will try its latest pill. Pregnant women who go to the doctor are treated like this, and peddled intravenous fluid bags, fetal monitors, ultrasound (radiation for a vulnerable baby), a host of drugs, the totally unnecessary episiotomy, and – to top it all off – the Caesarean delivery!

Bio-Piracy: The Business Model of Western Medicine’s Big Pharma Cartel

Remember, all these synthetic drugs are isolates. Many are derived from plant compounds, but because Nature cannot be patented and sold, Big Pharma has no interest in natural cures. What they do instead is engage inbio-piracy – research natural compounds, copy them (or modify them slightly) in a lab, then try to steal and patent them. If they get a patent, they then market their pill as a wonder drug while simultaneously (through fake scientific research) suppress and criticize the original plant as being worthless, so you won’t go to the source of the cure. Ironically, guess what type of medicine John D. Rockefeller used and the British Royal Family still uses? Homeopathy!
Modern western medicine seems to have lost the supposed point of its existence: healing people. In his revealing book “Confessions of a Medical Heretic“, Dr. Robert Mendolsohn quotes an article entitled “Cleveland’s Marvelous Medical Factory” which boasted of the Cleveland Clinic’s “accomplishments last year: 2,980 open-heart operations, 1.3 million laboratory tests, 73,320 electrocardiograms, 7,770 full-body x-ray scans, 24,368 surgical procedures.” Seems fancy, yet none of these procedures has been proven to have anything to do with maintaining or restoring health. When people get screened for a disease, they are being subjected to dangerous radiation (more money for the Rockefellers) which harms tissue and can end up causing the exact disease it is supposed to be protecting against – as happens daily with the mammogram scam, designed to drum up new breast cancer clients.

Rockefeller Philanthropy is Social Control

The Rockefellers and other elites use philanthropy as a tool for control. It’s social engineering with a nice PR sheen. A free lunch is not really free, whether private (Rockefeller-style western medicine) or public/governmental (Obama-style socialized medicine), because even if you get something at no cost, you are required to give up your data and your privacy. They want you dependent on their system – then they’ll raise the rates once you’re trapped.
This is big business – and it’s also a big killer. Dr. Barbara Starfield published a study in the year 2000 that found that there were 225,000 iatrogenic (allopathic doctor caused) deaths in the US every year. However, this was only counting direct deaths; when you factor in all indirect deaths, as Dr. Gary Null did in 2011 in his report Death by Medicine, the figure is closer to 784,000 per year! That’s 7.8 million people dead from western medicine every 10 years!
Null concluded: “It is evident that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the United States …”
Whenever a lot of people die in a staged false flag attack (like 3000 people on 9/11) or in a staged mind control shooting (like 50 or so people) we hear all about it on the media. Yet between 616 and 2147 Americans are dying every day from Rockefeller Western medicine, and we don’t hear a thing!

Natural Solutions that Surpass Rockefeller-Created Western Medicine

At this point let us turn from the problem to the solutions – and fortunately there are many. The famous ancient Greek physician Hippocrates wrote:
Nature heals. The doctor’s task consists in strengthening the natural healing powers, to direct them, and especially not to interfere with them.
The immune system is your number one defense against any disease – not a vaccine. Most natural medicine is designed to treat the body holistically, not to “cure” one disease only to have it transform and mutate into another ailment. When you takes plants and herbs as medicine, you normally take the whole food, not an isolate, because it is based on a holistic understanding. Likewise, Traditional Chinese Medicine defines all disease as stagnation and treats sickness as an imbalance to be brought back into balance. What is the point of transferring an imbalance in one area into an imbalance in another area? None, unless you are trying to profit off disease like Big Pharma. It is not real healing.
There are so many natural cures and remedies out there, if you take the time to look. Two examples among thousands are turmeric which will do more for your blood pressure and diabetes than any drug can, and apricot kernels (rich in laetrile which selectively kills cancer cells and leaves healthy ones intact) which will handle cancer better than chemotherapy. The Gerson Therapy has also healed thousands of “terminal” cancer patients who were told by doctors of western medicine, “there’s nothing more we can do for you.”
Western medicine has its place as a system you may want to use in a critical emergency, but for general conditions, there are so many better alternatives. Time to start exploring them!
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Makia Freeman is the editor of The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at, writing on many aspects of the the global conspiracy, from vaccines to Zionism to false flag operations and more, and also including info on natural health, sovereignty and higher consciousness.

Ebola Vaccine "Success" Questioned by Experts

News about the success of a new Ebola vaccine may be too good to be true

Ebola is on the run: the number of cases dipped below 10 a weekrecently, and a few days ago investigators announced in the prestigious journal The Lancet that a new Ebola vaccine was “100% effective.”
In response, global health authorities are starting to sound a little giddy. “We believe that the world is on the verge of an efficacious Ebola vaccine,” said Marie Paule Kieny, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) assistant director-general for health systems and innovation (and an author on the study). “It could be a game changer.”
She’s right: this is wonderful news, and a great testament to human ingenuity. A genetically engineered hybrid of the benign vesicular stomatitis virus and the Zaire strain of Ebola, together called rVSV-ZEBOV, was tested in a multi-site clinical trial conducted amid a massive aid response in Guinea, one of the poorest countries in Africa. The scientific and logistical acrobatics required to pull this off boggle the mind.
Yet, for three reasons, we cannot know if the vaccine really worked, or how well. Those reasons are the lack of placebo comparison, the way the investigators diagnosed vaccine failure and the possibility of statistical flukes.

Reason #1: There was no placebo to test the vaccine against

In response to the challenging ethics of Ebola vaccine research, investigators studying rVSV-ZEBOV opted not for the standard placebo-controlled trial with which most vaccines are tested but instead for an innovative approach called “ring-vaccination.”
In the clinical trial, the investigators drew a “ring” of vaccination around people with known exposures to Ebola. Groups of people who were exposed to a person with Ebola virus disease, or to someone who had been in contact with someone else with Ebola virus disease, were invited to participate in the study. Researchers recruited 7,651 people who fit that profile and randomized them to receive immediate vaccination with rVSV-ZEBOV or vaccination that was delayed by 21 days.
Afterwards, investigators followed all study participants for several weeks to see if they developed Ebola virus disease. In the immediate vaccination groups, no one developed Ebola virus disease more than 10 days after vaccination, whereas 16 patients in the delayed vaccination group did. Because the number of cases of Ebola virus disease was so much lower (ie, zero) in the immediate vaccination group, the investigators concluded the vaccine was 100% effective.
This conclusion was reasonable, but it also could be wrong. Without a placebo comparison, it’s easy to get fooled. Perhaps people with deferred vaccination were more likely to engage in risky Ebola exposures, or those who developed Ebola virus disease in the immediate vaccination group were less likely to stay in study follow-up. The investigators did as good a job as possible to avoid these problems, but without a placebo arm in the study, we just cannot be sure.

Reason #2: The definition of vaccine failure isn’t failsafe

No cases of Ebola developed in the immediate vaccination group 10 days after vaccine was given. But nine cases of Ebola developed in the immediate vaccination group within 10 days of vaccination. Since the incubation period for Ebola virus disease is typically longer than 10 days, the investigators concluded that the nine cases of Ebola virus disease that developed within 10 days of getting the vaccine resulted from pre-vaccine exposure.
Again, this was a defensible conclusion, but it could also be wrong. Sometimes Ebola develops in less than 10 days, which means some or all of the nine people in the immediate vaccination group could have been infected with Ebola after being vaccinated. That means sometimes the vaccine may have failed to provide protection against Ebola, and we do not know exactly how often.

Dr Arun Gupta: The Immense Benefits of Breastfeeding

‘Breastfeeding rates can go up only if we invest in policy and programmes’
Dr Arun Gupta, Regional Coordinator of International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) Asia, and Member, Prime Minister’s Council on India’s Nutrition Challenges, shares valuable insights on the importance of breastfeeding in improving maternal and infant health indices in the country, in an interaction with Lakshmipriya Nair
How important is breastfeeding in maternal and child health?
Dr Arun Gupta
Breastfeeding is too important as far as mother and child health is concerned. A baby who is breastfed within one hour has 2.6 times lesser chance of newborn infection and deaths during this period. Exclusive breastfeeding during the first six months reduces diarrhoea, respiratory infections, and undernutrition making it the number one intervention for child health and survival. Exclusive breastfeeding also reduces risk of hospitalisation in diarrhea and pneumonia cases. There is concrete evidence that breastfeeding also provides protection against obesity, and adult diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and malignancies. For mothers, breastfeeding provides protection against ovarian and breast cancer. Exclusive breastfeeding is important for birth spacing too.
Can breastfeeding play a role in meeting the MDG goals?
Certainly breastfeeding can play a role, if coverage is scaled up to 90 per cent or more for three indicators: early initiation of breastfeeding within one hour, exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months and adequate and appropriate complementary feeding with continued breastfeeding for two years or beyond.
As much as 22 per cent newborn mortality can be cut down for example if all mothers were enabled to breastfeed within an hour of birth. Further breastfeeding exclusively reduces diarrhea mortality by 10 times and pneumonia mortality by 15 times in children 6-23 months of age. More recent evidence points on that breastfeeding also leads to higher earning capacity later in life through increasing IQ, educational attainment with increasing breastfeeding duration
As per WHO statistics, India lags behind in breastfeeding. Why is it so?
Recent World Breastfeeding Trends Initiative (WBTi), policy assessment has revealed that India lacks a clear policy, plan of action and budget for interventions on breastfeeding. Lack of coordinated response reduces the priority it needs. There are several policy areas needing urgent attention such as maternity protection, enforcing the law to protect breastfeeding from aggressive promotion of baby foods, health system support to women and breastfeeding during disasters etc. to mention a few. Breastfeeding rates can go up only if we invest in policy and programmes.
What are the major challenges to tackle?
Aggressive promotion of baby foods through the health systems pushes mothers to adopt artificial feeding. Lack of maternity protection measures for majority of women especially in the unorganised sector and in the private sector who have to combine work and breastfeeding is a major challenge. Health system being unsupportive to mothers at time of birth or later to ensure exclusivity of breastfeeding pushes women to adopt unwanted harmful practices. Confusing messages from several quarters in the absence of state interventions and lack of proper information on risks of formula feeding makes good feeding choices a huge challenge.
What are the steps to better our breastfeeding stats?
Government of India should ‘move’ the existing national committee on breastfeeding and develop a plan of action for five years at least with assured funding. Policy and programmes should be reviewed every three years.  Some one should review the plan every six months. Data on three indicators of breastfeeding should be reviewed annually from every State; if US can do it, why can’t we? The most recent Government of India’s Rapid Survey of Children data shows mere 44 per cent mothers are able to breastfeed within one hour.  Is it not a gross failure of our health system support towards mothers, a system, which claims that 78 per cent mothers deliver in institutions. Exclusive breastfeeding rate at 64 per cent is an improvement from NFHS 3 data but complementary feeding rate at 50 per cent is a fall from NFHS-3. What we need to do is rapidly scale up coverage of these three indicators to nearly universal. Who is looking at these?
How does BPNI work with the government and other agencies like UNICEF?
The Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India (BPNI) was founded in 1991, to protect promote and support breastfeeding in India.  It works with  government and UNICEF like agencies through advocacy. BPNI carries out an India assessment of policy and programmes every three years using World Breastfeeding Trends Initiative (WBTi) tools, in line with Global Strategy for infant and young child feeding. BPNI has also developed a world-class four-in-one skill-training programme for health workers that combines all kinds of skills required on breastfeeding counselling or growth monitoring. BPNI advocates for such training to be mainstreamed. BPNI also helps in monitoring the law enacted for regulating the marketing of baby foods and feeding bottles. BPNI advocates for sustainable solutions to child malnutrition through comprehensive food based approaches not through market product based ad hoc solutions.  BPNI has a clear ethical policy on conflict of interest for its own funding and does not accept funds from the companies manufacturing baby foods, feeding bottles etc., and from organisations/ industry having conflict of interest. BPNI  raises conflict of interest concerns in policy and programmes at all levels.